5 Fantastic Apps To Keep You Organized and Accountable

There’s a lot to be said for staying organized. The ability to quickly locate all of the information, reminders, and documents you need is one of the biggest time-saving favors you can do for yourself. With that in mind, our super organized customer success team gathered a list of their favorite apps to keep you organized.

1. Evernote
Evernote is a comprehensive, yet easy to learn documentation management system that works on all devices. It stores your text files, spreadsheets, images, receipts, checklists, audio recordings, video recordings, and workflows through a tiered organization system. In addition, there are lots of add-ons and apps that interface well with Evernote such as Slack, Outlook, and Salesforce.

Pro tip: You can email documents and correspondence directly to your Evernote. Use this feature to organize all of your client notes, written interactions and signed documents in an easily searchable format. No more sifting through excessive pages or cumbersome CRMs.

2. LastPass
When was the last time you tried to log into an account or website and couldn’t remember the password? If you’re like most of us, it was probably either today or yesterday. Needless to say, it happens all the time. LastPass is here to save the day. LastPass has users create a master password for their vault, where you add and manage the logins you’ve saved to LastPass.

Ever wish for an app that helps you stay organized automatically? Meet IFTTT.

Coming from the phrase “If this, then that…” IFTTT is a simple logic-based application that works off of “applets,” or rules that are created for different interfaces. For example, you can program it to update your Facebook profile photo every time you update your LinkedIn profile.

Pro tip: Program IFTTT to automatically save every email attachment to a specific folder in your Google Drive.

4. Dropbox
Dropbox is one of the most well-known apps to keep you organized. There are options for individual users and business users. Depending on how technical you are, some of the account options can meet many needs for a growing small business.

Pro-tip: Since we all work on the go more than ever, download LastPass on your mobile device so you can access all the credentials you need for every website.

5. Google Drive and Google Docs
Google Drive is a super accessible, robust online drive that interfaces with your Google account. You can store documents on it just like any other drive, but access it from any device, be it a public computer, tablet, or your smartphone. Google Drive also lets you choose sharing permissions for your files and folders and invite others to collaborate on documents. You can allow others to view only, edit, or suggest edits on various documents.

Pro tip: Don’t forget about the rest of the Google Drive options! Create and share spreadsheets and presentations in addition to documents.

Spend your time how you want
A huge part of staying competitive and productive is the ease of access. You need to know where your important information is, and the easiest way to obtain it. Use these apps to keep you organized and spending your time the way that you want. In addition, you’ll have a backup system in place when life gets crazy.

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