How To Advertise For Free


I quickly want to get into it today “How to start advertising without money”

Now, before I dive right into it, you must know that this requires work so if you’re one of those lazy ass people, just crawl up your cocoon and keep snoring.

who you do?


In business, whatever you can’t pay for with money you have to pay for with your time.

In other words, this will require your time and free advertsising isn’t my favourite.

Let’s go;

1. Facebook group:

Create a facebook group around your niche and get people into it.

So how do you get people into your group?

Join other related group and dish out valuable contents in those groups. while you do this make sure you have contents on your profile that leads to your group.

Some groups will allow you to post links and in such groups, you use your group URL as your signature.

Important: make sure you pin your offer in your group

2. Twitter

Twitter is a growing ground with people with money. You have to dish out valuable contents to be taken seriously and gain a following.

So, while you give out valuable contents, comments on other tweets.

Your comments have to be valuable as well. The more you do this the more people will check out your page and follow you.

Important: Pin your offer to your page

3. Forums:

Join forums like nairaland or depending on the category, create threads, still giving out valuable contents and link back to your URL or chat bots which will be the next method.

Have your offer as your signature

3. Chat bots

This is an awesome way to create follow up series all automated. This is good in the sense that you get to automate a part of your marketing.

chatbots you can use are chatfuel and manychats.

You will need to use their youtube channels for learning purposes.

4. Your WhatsApp Status

Don’t be ashamed to sell what you have to your contact list.

So yes, share with your contact list. A way to not make this look like spam is sharing valuable information before selling what you have.

5. Instagram.

Create an Instagram page. Make it look professional.

Share valuable contents, comment on other pages and have your offer link on your profile.

There are more methods to start marketing your products for free, but these 5 methods will get you started.

If you can do this effectively and you share really good contents, people will share your contents and the more this continue, the more exposure you’d get.

Once the money starts coming in, invest in paid advertising.

Nothing beats paid advertising, it’s the fastest way to gain exposure for your products and services.

I hope this helps you.

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