How to Relaunch Your Brand in Social Media

Brands often think about their actions to give their users a better experience. They constantly make adjustments to stand out from other brands and to better communicate with their audience.

Whether you want to move to a new market, launch a new product or introduce your new brand overhaul, we want to help you keep up with a brand plan that really works. Everything from a simple logo update to a complete makeover, make a great campaign around it and let them all be part of it!

Reinventing your brand is a smart strategy to make it relevant, but make sure you can ensure a smooth transition for your followers. Sudden changes are not taken lightly.

Sellers have long relied on an important channel to restart, and that’s social media. Because of its popularity, social media is the perfect place to restart. Let’s do some important details to reboot your brand on social media as a professional:

Pick Your Social Media Branding Strategy Goals
Pick your specific goals depending on what it is that you are relaunching. Are you expecting new followers? New customers? A raise in your sales? Write these down and think of an estimate you will like to reach after or during this relaunch.

When you are almost through with your relaunch you will make time to revisit these goals and see if you can call your campaign successful, and learn which were your best strategies.

Map a Content Calendar
It’s very important that you map out your content to be released during this relaunch and that you can make a detailed timeline with it. This is golden for your strategy, do not skip this step. Think of everything you should consider and in what order and time you are planning to release it:

Product Images
Make beautiful images to show your product’s best features! Show your new brand proudly on your products and services and share them with your followers using flawless visuals.

Product Descriptions
General SEO knowledge can be very beneficial here. You should have an idea of which terms you will be targeting with you relaunch and use these exact terms on your descriptions, image caption, titles, and more to rank higher on search engines.

Social Media Captions and Hashtags
Think captions designed for every social media and consider their rules like the length. Create a hashtag and make it catchy. They are also super useful to track your brand’s launch success. See user-generated content, involve your followers, keep a close eye on your mentions and comments, and stay responsive on your social media.

Email Campaign
An email campaign can be the first best approach to tell you, current followers or customers, what is about to happen. Offer special discounts, explain why you are making such a transformation. Build a campaign around your relaunch but avoid being spammy too. We don’t want your followers to stop reading you.

Ads & Call to Actions
Design appealing ads and video ads to plan for a paid campaign to help your relaunch. It’s always good sense to use both organic and paid content because they both can have a different reach.

Blog Posts
If you learned something important, share your knowledge during this process. Give your followers relatable content, they love reading that. Make a connection with them.

Design Shareable Infographics
Make cute, useful designs your followers will find helpful and share on their own feeds.

So again, you need a detailed timeline stating when all of these will go live. Whatever you do is brand exposure so do it well!

Consider the Timing
Avoid crowded news-times, holidays, or big events where you just won’t get much attention from your followers. Also, do your research so that you can target your perfect audience and what you know can be your new potential customers too. This involves new customer research, getting to know them again. Avoid thinking you already have a clear idea of who is your customer, there is always time to learn something new.

Track Your Analytics
Learn from your success and your failures for future launches. Keep track of your numbers. It’s time to pull out those goals we previously stated and actually check how we are doing analyze which content did better, which days which social media platforms. This is very helpful so the next time you have to redo this you have a better formula.

Transition Existing Customers
Send emails to your customers before you start. Tell them why you decided to increase. Provide clear examples and instructions on how the transition will go. You can encourage them by offering them limited discounts. Use explanatory videos to make it visually appealing.

Do it as the best brands on social media

Certainly, there are many ways to get back on track. We believe that the above tips can really help you get the right one with your brand.

Always keep an eye on your real customers before looking for new customers. Follow all your content that you want to publish as part of your recovery strategy and keep a timeline of it. Consider the best time to get as much attention from your followers as possible.

Follow your analysis to think about what works best for your brand and get the secret formula for future opportunities!

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