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Business on what you are PASSIONATE about, every business has its windy period-a period where things don’t work as expected, your passion for the business DRIVES for its continuity.

Scaling through this period gives you a SURVIVAL experience that propels you to be master of it.

Never business on a particular niche because “person A” is successful in it, the reality of life shows that what works for “person A” may not work for “person B”, therefore, choose for the love you’ve got for it.

Do not invest in any business because of the millions or billions you intend to gain from it rather GROW the passion for humanity’s need.

To succeed in any business; service or product-based, one have to be determined to providing a SOLUTION to human NEEDS.

people pay you and will continue to pay you when you never stop providing solution to their problems/needs, therefore, make sure your NICHE is a solution to peoples’ difficulty or need.

At the point of start of any business, never demand too much for your service or product,rather be consistent in good service DELIVERY,be a problem finder and also a problem solver, with these, you will grow and move wide in that business just like the air in the sky without LIMIT.

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