The 6 Worst Social Media Tips I Ever Got

1. You need to be everywhere
When we did not know how to get it right and had no knowledge about any social network, we tried that: Being everywhere. The result is inevitable: Nothing.

Instead of trying to be everywhere at once without getting one social network right, your efforts are not going to pay off. But the advice still runs around that more networks also mean more success. With new networks and channels springing up from the ground everywhere you will soon feel like a hamster in a wheel and still not see results.

2. Automation is all bad
I have been told that I should not automate my social media accounts, or people would not follow me. Interestingly enough most of the time this kind of advice comes from accounts with a few hundred followers. They have no clue what it is like to handle several accounts with thousands of followers. They have no clue how it is to run social media accounts besides a full-time job. For us, automation is a gift from heaven.

Social Media marketing automation can be the solution to your marketing problems if you are a blogger or small business owner and if you have other tasks to do and want your accounts to stay active.

The problem is that you should not automate because you can even though you do not know what you are doing. Figure out what works best for your account and then look for a reasonable way to use automation to free up your time for other tasks again.

3. Automation is the solution to everything
It is so easy, and you can do so much with automation. But it comes with some dangers. Automating things before you fully understand them, will easily make all your efforts fail. Advising newbies to automate as much as they can is so bad it leaves me speechless. To harvest the fruits of social media, you have to understand, try things, measure and adjust. Automating may sound like a good idea (and often it is), but it will backfire if you do it blindly.

4. Hashtags, More Hashtags
Again, before hashtagging everything, make sure you understand how to use them in the different networks. While Instagram will certainly need some more hashtags, a tweet with more than one or two hashtags becomes more or less unreadable and will get you less attention.

Hashtags are a clear case of „more is not necessarily better“ and “know the rules before you start.”

5. Always respond to negative comments/do not respond to negative comments
I have tried to take trolls seriously, bad idea. Don’t! You can never win. The thing with negative comments is: You can take them seriously and sometimes you should. But there also are times when it is better to ignore them. In the end it is a gut feeling that will help you decide how to react.

You can never get it right for everybody. That is life!

6. Be very careful what you say – it never gets deleted
We have heard this often, and we have seen what comes of it: People who are too afraid of saying the wrong thing so they end up saying nothing.

You are allowed to have an opinion and a voice in social media, simply keep in mind that you are still talking to people. They have feelings and a right to their own opinion. Stay polite and do not get offensive – and you will be ok. You got along all your life outside of social media; you know how to talk to people!

Final Words
I started this post as a small piece for the weekend – obviously, we got a lot more bad social media advice along our way than I thought. The main thing you should take away from this post is: Listen to advice but do not believe everything. Some social media advice is simply bad and some tips may be right for some situations but may not apply to you. If in doubt, just try it out and measure your outcome. That is the best answer you can get to the question: should I or should I not.

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