Who We Are

Social Media Marketing and website design service is the heart of every business. Founded in 2016, Silknet Multimedia Solutions has ridden the digital marketing wave in many exciting ways.

Our biggest focus is helping small to medium-size business owners understand the power of online marketing by helping your team find ways to align marketing activities with your business goals.

Social Media Marketing is complex. When done right, it feels magical. We’ll help you define your audience and create a marketing strategy that speaks to buyers no matter where they are in the sales cycle.

We’ll keep you on the market pulse and give your voice authority. We’ll shine a light on your company in the search engines so your brand gets priority in search results. We’ll help you automate repetitive marketing tasks freeing up your sales team for more personal interaction with prospects.

Finally, we’ll help you quantify results with analytics that tell you what is working and what isn’t. It’s all about writing your authentic brand story and providing you with the freedom to navigate anywhere.

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